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Thursday, June 17, 2021
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  1. Upon receiving blueprints for a new job, Rick and the superintendents review the blueprints and discuss the intricacies of the job.  They review the blueprints in detail to provide an accurate and inclusive proposal.  Through their combined experience in various facets of construction, they will also troubleshoot to try to foresee and resolve issues prior to the construction phase.  This in turn not only leads to a more accurate bid, but also in the end saves time and money in the actual construction process.
  2. Once awarded the job, Patriacca Construction works with the general contractor and home owner to fine tune the details for the job.
  3. Patriacca Construction makes it a high priority to work closely with the general contractor and other subcontractors to have a smooth construction process and achieve a solid finished product.
  4. When procuring material, we use only high quality and reputable vendors, yet we are able to secure fair pricing due to our high volume of material purchases.
  5. For many of our projects, we put them on a computer program to pre-build the projects in a 3-D model online.  This enables us to work out many architectural and/ or engineering glitches in the framing prior to actual construction.


We use a construction building program called Solid Builders.  This is a computer program that pre-builds structures from every component in the process, including but not limited to, studs, headers, joists, rafters, sheets of plywood, and structural steel.  This program allows us to foresee many of the problems prior to the actual construction, saving the general contractor and home owner time and money. We are also able to provide our managers with detailed plans of their jobs.  This program allows us to accurately order material preventing unnecessary waste and costs.


Patriacca Construction Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to achieve zero accidents and recognize that most accidents are preventable.  We feel that Safety must hold the same importance as Quality and Production.
We have an active new hire safety orientation, weekly safety meetings, daily job inspections and a system for reporting unsafe conditions.  We train our supervisors and employees to immediately correct unsafe conditions and work practices.  We value our employees and want to protect them.
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