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Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Patriacca Construction, Inc. provides structural wood framing for residential and commercial settings.  We will also supply and /or install structural steel for jobs.  We work very closely with the steel fabricator to redline shop drawings to ensure the end result is the best we can obtain.  Patriacca Construction, Inc. is well-known for the abilities to frame difficult and intricate home designs.  When local architects design detailed and difficult designs, they often want Patriacca Construction, Inc. to properly build these homes.
Our company culture is to work with the owners, general contractor, architect, and engineer to workout the details of the framing prior to performing the work in the field.  This extra work in the beginning ensures the highest level of satisfaction with all parties involved in the building process.  We maintain this close-working relationship with all of the involved parties throughout the construction process.  Our combined years of experience grant us greater insight and anticipation in coordinating our work with other sub contractors on the job.  We pride ourselves in being conscientious of the work of other sub-contractors, as well as, working in cooperation with them, so our work is completed when they need it to be and we do not disturb their completed or in-process work.
We own 2 tele-handlers (extendable fork lifts) that we can bring to the job to assist in unloading, moving, and setting material.  Having this equipment helps to minimize worker injuries and safely unload material to minimize or eliminate damage to the material.
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