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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Why choose patriacca vail construction

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Patriacca Construction has strong relationships with the large general contractors and architects in the Vail Valley.  We recognize that our success depends on these relationships and we continue to make customer relationships a top priority along with safety, quality work, honesty, and integrity in our work produced.  Furthermore, our work is produced in a timely manner while still paying a strong attention to detail.  A testament to our compliance to both our high standards and the standards of our general contractors, we have completed every job we started and consistanly get asked to do more work in the future. 


Having a great team at Patriacca Construction, Inc allows us to uphold our standards.  Patriacca Construction, Inc. has an owner and three superintendents who are shareholders in the company, who each have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the construction industry giving us over 80 years of combined experience among the owner and shareholders.  Having the superintendents as shareholders in the company, the superintendents have a vested interested in the quality and efficiency of work, along with the good relationships built in the industry.  The owner and the superintendents stay in close contact daily to remain up to date on the occurrences on each job.


Open communication between all stakeholders and staff is a fundamental ingredient to our success.  This communication allows for efficient flow of man power and tools between the jobs. Moreover, with their extensive experience in the construction industry, the owner and superintendents have regular “think tank” meetings to resolve any issues on the jobs under construction and in the bidding process.  There is a vested interest to detect issues prior to those problems arising in the field during the construction process.


Along with the quality superintendents, Patriacca Construction, Inc. employees have experience in many areas of construction.  With this diversified experience, we are able to plan ahead in various stages of the construction process.  Patriacca Construction framers are not just thinking about their job, but they are also conscientious of how their decisions affect and interface with other subcontractors (i.e., plumbers, electricians, drywall, etc.)  In the construction process, this eliminates many costly errors and waste of time for the general contractor and ultimately the home owner.  This background of experience also allows Patriacca Construction employees to be courteous and cautious as to not disturb the completed work around them when working in an environment that is under construction and they are working behind other subcontractors.


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